About Me

A picture of a woman with brown hair and eyes smiling at the camera. She has soot smudges on her face and is wearing a leather apron.I'm a "do everything a little bit" kind of person, and my list of hobbies is as long as it is eclectic - everything from contact juggling and spinning poi to bobbin lace and knitting. I have a weird love of doing things the old fashioned way, and can do a surprising number of tasks like it's the mid 1800s.

So, it feels natural between "I want to learn everything" and "preferably in an old-fashioned way" I got my start metalworking with blacksmithing. I cut my teeth with the wonderful Prospect Hill Forge in MA, and recommend anyone with the slightest interest in swinging a hammer do the same. There is something elemental and powerful about moving hot metal, and I find it relaxing, powerful, and deeply satisfying

From there, I moved into working with precious metals, at first because the equipment required fit better with apartment life, but again I never looked back. Each metal has its own feel and flavor, and its own pleasures when working with it.

I enjoy exploring new techniques and combining multiple hobbies in my art, such as adding braille transcription into my metalworking (or using metalworking in my braille transcription, I suppose). I like adding little secrets to my work - reversible pieces, or a hidden detail unseen until you open it up. A little secret for you to keep, and share as you like.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my ball python Clementine, several hives of bees, a baby fruit tree orchard, and a staggering number of hammers.